Made in Italy

Our production is entirely made in Italy by a team of skilled workers with many years of experience in the field of hat manufacturing.
Our products embody a young, dynamic and always innovative style.

Craftmanship and passion

The ability to renew ourselves and look to the future, always inspired by the past and reinterpreting it, through the continuous research of materials, colors, pairings and styles, is our main strength. Our goal is to preserve the excellence, quality and extreme craftsmanship of each of our products.

A destiny written in the DNA

Our history tastes like a fascinating family saga that winds through more than a century, reaching the shores of opposite continents. It thus seems written in the family’s DNA the fate of carrying over the artisanal tradition of straw hats manufacturing.

A timeless history of craftmanship

Raffaello Bettini has been since 1938 an Italian excellence in the craftsmanship of the hat. Starting from the present, we match with the tradition that continually inspires us. We update our collections to respond to the changes that periodically change the meaning of the hat. We firmly believe that quality is what differentiates us in a very uniform and standardized market.